Thomas J. Sims – physician, actor, and author – began his Oregon career in family medicine after spending two life-changing years in the U.S. Coast Guard working as a frontier bush doctor in the wilds of the Alaska arctic. Tom chronicles his adventures and adaptation to life and work in the arctic in an exciting upcoming memoir that readers of his website and health information newsletter “Doc Talk Today” won’t want to miss. Tom loves writing and all aspects of the performing arts. After leaving Alaska, he worked as a family doctor in rural Oregon for nearly thirty years, yet even during the rigors of family practice he found time to write a book and participate in more than fifteen first rate productions on the stage and screen including starring roles in “The King and I,” “Agatha Christi’s Ten Little Indians,” “Neal Simon’s California Suite,” “Oliver” and “Up the Down Staircase” to name just a few. During his years as a family physician Tom developed an expertise in the treatment of venous disease and, in his later years, opened the area’s first vein treatment center devoted exclusively to the minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins.


Tom loved medicine, but his goal for retirement was to write full time. Now he is thrilled to have a literary agent represent his work and looks forward to spreading his story of adaptation and work in the Arctic to people around the world.

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