From his early days on the sundrenched beaches of Southern California to the harsh darkness of the Alaskan Arctic and majestic glory
of the Oregon Cascades, Dr. Tom Sims draws upon his extraordinary life experiences to write his memoir and share his wisdom and
medical expertise in books, newsletters, a blog, and exciting presentations readers are certain to enjoy for years to come.


On Call In The Arctic

A Doctor’s Pursuit of Life, Love and Miracles in the Alaskan Frontier

The fish-out-of-water stories of Northern Exposure and Doc Martin meet the rough-and-rugged setting of The Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People in Thomas J. Sims’ adventure memoir “On Call in the Arctic” where the author relates his incredible experience saving lives and himself in North America’s most remote outpost – the wild Alaskan Bush

Rob Kirkpatrick
Literary Agent

The extraordinary memoir of a young doctor and his wife as she struggled to make a home and he to practice medicine in the most archaic conditions imaginable and to do it all at the top of the world. Compelling. A page turner from beginning to end. You don’t want it to end.

Fern Field Books
Executive Producer of the TV show MONK

Sims has delivered a captivating account of practicing medicine in the furthest reaches of the U.S.

Publishers Weekly

Thomas Sims’ writing is clean, lean, and fast paced.

Wendy Girard

Medical Cannabis

Myth, Miracle, or Money Dump?

Written by a physician with years of experience educating and managing over 6,000 patients using medical cannabis, this book not only teaches readers in simple yet science-based terms about the true value of cannabis in medicine, by means of a flow sheet and a few questions it actually guides people interested in trying medical cannabis how to safely begin using cannabis products with the right choices at the right doses and proper treatment schedules.


“I found Dr. Sims’ book “Medical Cannabis: Myth, Miracle, or Money Dump?” to be a clearly written, very informative tool that not only describes each of the cannabis-based products but provides guidelines to help consumers make informed decisions on what is appropriate for their respective needs. I will use this book as a reference and will recommend it to my colleagues.”

Kent Louscher, PhD Clinical Psychologist

The book is available in both digital and printed formats from this website and

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My blog is based upon stories from my memoir “On Call in the Arctic”
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Tom’s presentations

“Facing Life’s Extreme Circumstances and
Coming Out a Winner”

In this beautifully crafted one hour multi-media program, complete with musical
selections, readings from his memoir “On Call in the Arctic” and original photo-
graphs from life in remote Alaska, Tom excites and motivates his audience when
he unveils secrets for adaptation and survival in times when life throws a curve-
ball and training and experience let you down leaving nothing but instincts to
show what path to follow.

Suitable for schools, graduations, community service organization, church
groups, businesses & corporations seeking motivational speakers, medical &
writer conferences, book clubs and bookstores, this highly entertaining program
has been delighting audiences around the nation for over a year, and it soon
could be coming to you and your organization.

“Medical Cannabis: Myth, Miracle or Money

One can’t look at a newspaper, magazine, billboard or social media platform these days without reading something about the miracle of cannabis – especially CBD – and its ability to treat everything from arthritis, insomnia, muscle spasm, anxiety, chronic pain, even cancer.

But is it real – or is medical cannabis nothing more than the “SNAKE OIL” of the 21st century – a money dump where people pour dollars down the drain because they don’t know what they are doing?

In my professional life I’ve encountered countless people who have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars buying cannabis products they believed would help them when conventional medicine had let them down – only to discover the products they bought were worthless or were loaded with side effects they weren’t willing to tolerate. For them, medical cannabis had become a money dump.

This presentation, and the book that accompanies it, can change all that!

This smart, easy to understand one hour multi-media presentation, based upon the book “Medical Cannabis – Myth, Miracle, or Money Dump?” is perfect for any group wanting to learn about cannabis as medicine including healthcare professional such as doctors and nurses, medical and nursing students, physician and nursing organizations and conferences, colleges, community service organizations and clubs, churches, businesses and large corporations, cannabis dispensaries and cannabis workers – virtually anyone wishing to educate themselves so they can help themselves and help others learn if medical cannabis might potentially be of benefit to them.

Visit for more information and bookings.

“My Pathway to Traditional

You’ve heard all the statistics, but you keep on doing it!

Writing is in your blood and you can’t imagine living without doing it. But it’s frustrating because you want people to read your words. You want to be published!

Yeah, we all know the facts:

  • Literary agents receive about 2000 submissions per year.
  • Agents are likely to accept only 2-3 writers per year out of all the submissions they receive.
  • New writers have about a 1% chance of getting an agent.
  • And even if you’re lucky enough to nail down representation, your agent has only about a 10% chance of selling your book.

Well, don’t fret.

It might all sound like gloom and doom, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The fact is, you need to prepare yourself and follow the path of new writers who have found success.

That’s what this presentation is all about!

Dr. Tom Sims’ memoir “On Call in the Arctic” found a home with two literary agents in New York in less than one month, and his book was sold to Pegasus Books in a matter of weeks.

Since its release, Tom’s book has become a #1 Amazon Bestseller, promoted in print, radio and TV around the country. It is now even being considered in Hollywood for a motion picture.

Tom loves to share how he did it, so have your organization book him for this inspirational and educational presentation “My Pathway to Traditional Publishing” and learn how it all happened. That way, you and your colleagues can benefit from his collective words of wisdom and advice and hopefully see similar success with your own projects.

For information about booking this, or other presentations by Dr. Thomas Sims, please call
or send an email to:

It’s Your Story. Tell it with GUSTO!

Memoir writing takes talent and skill. Let two award winnings memoir authors
– Dr. Thomas Sims and Tucker Axum – share with you their wisdom and advice

Thomas J. Sims, MD

Dr. Thomas Sims’ memoir “On Call in the Arctic” sold to a New York publisher in less than a month and his book has gone on to become an #1 Amazon Bestseller and winner of a prestigious Nautilus Book Award. Featured nationally on TV, radio, NPR (National Public Radio), magazines and newspapers along with speaking engagements at colleges, community service organizations, churches, book clubs and bookstores around the country the book is now in Hollywood being considered for a motion picture

Tucker Axum is a New York Times bestselling author who wrote the international thriller Cajun Justice with the world's #1 bestselling writer, James Patterson. After an expedition to Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, Tucker wrote his first historical fiction novel, The Reawakening of Mage Axum, which was inspired by the disappearance of his uncle, an American World War II soldier. Tucker is a licensed multi-engine pilot whose adventures and misadventures have been nationally published.

Tucker Axum



Newsletter & Blogs

Tom’s presentations

“It’s Your Story. Tell it with GUSTO!”

Memoir writing takes talent and skill. Let two award winnings memoir authors – Dr. Thomas Sims and Tucker Axum – share with you their wisdom and advice