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    Dr. Sims speaks on many subjects and, time allowing, can tailor his presentation(s) to your specific needs. The following are the usual topics he speaks on. Please select from one or more:

    “Facing Life’s Extreme Circumstances and Coming Out a Winner” (Motivation & Inspirational – based upon his Arctic memoir “On Call in the Arctic”)“Medical Cannabis: Myth, Miracle or Money Dump?” (Educational on the use of medical marijuana – based upon his book “Medical Cannabis: Myth, Miracle or Money Dump? An Informative Guide and Workbook for Personal use of Medical Marrijuana”)“My Pathway to Traditional Publishing” (Educational for writers)“It’s Your Story. Tell it with GUSTO!“ (memoir writing presentation and workshop by Dr. Sims and #1 New York Bestselling Author Tucker Axum.Other: Please specify:

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    2. Please note: Dr. Sims uses an Apple MacBook Pro for his presentations and all AV equipment must be Apple compatible.


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    Dr. Sims is to provide his own ground transportation (car rental and/or ride share) the cost of which will be reimbursed by the event. (preferred)A transportation service will be arranged by the event to take Dr. Sims between the airport, his hotel, and his speaking engagements.


    Dr. Sims prefers to make his own hotel accommodations. Please provide him with suggestions close to the speaking engagement location. Dr. Sims will submit his checkout invoice to the Event Planner for reimbursement at the conclusion of this program.

    Air travel:

    Should air travel be required for Dr. Sims engagement, he prefers to schedule his own flights. He will travel coach between his home and the airport closest to his speaking engagement and will select seats that fits his needs. He usually does not check any baggage. Dr. Sims will pay for the air travel and submit his invoice to the event planner at the conclusion of his speaking engagement.

    NOTE: Should the event be cancelled for any reason and Dr. Sims is unable to attend the event after he has paid his travel expenses, the event will reimbursement Dr. Sims the cost of his non-refunded travel tickets in full.

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