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Is medical marijuana – and specifically CBD – a miracle of the 21st century or is it the Snake Oil of the 1800’s?

Does CBD really treat pain from arthritic joints, headaches, anxiety, all the maladies its cracked-up to help, or is it a sham where people are dumping money down the drain, desperate to find something that helps when conventional medicine has let them down?

Great questions that deserve honest answers – answers this important timely book can provide.

“Medical Cannabis – Myth, Miracle or Money Dump?” does not attempt to treat any disease or condition. Nor does it necessarily recommend readers use medical cannabis because that choice is up to individuals themselves. Instead, and based upon the author’s years of experience working with over 6,000 people successfully using medical cannabis along with his ongoing review of ever changing cannabis research, “Medical Cannabis – Myth, Miracle or Money Dump?” helps people decide if medical marijuana is right for them and, if they begin, how to go about it correctly.

By explaining, in plain English, THC, CBD, terpenes, hemp and cannabis, edibles, tinctures, salves, dosages, concentrations, and CBD/THC ratios of cannabis products, the book shows readers how to make educated product choices if they decide to try medical marijuana and how to do it right for their particular needs.

Why you need this book and how it works.

Designed as a workbook, once readers have completed the book (takes about 1 ½ hrs.) they will be guided through a series of steps and a flow sheet that will help them tailor their own particular medical marijuana program without untold side-effects and complications and without dumping money down the drain (a money dump!) by making wrong choices.

Included in your purchase is a free subscription to Dr. Sims’ medical cannabis blog C.A.M.P.

You want to keep up to date on medical marijuana, right? Consider this:
Medical research changes constantly, and to keep readers of his book current on cannabis research, all purchasers of “Medical Cannabis: Myth, Miracle or Money Dump?” will automatically be subscribed for free to C.A.M.P. – Cannabis As Medicine Protocols – a private blog dedicated to keeping Dr. Sims’ readers up-to-date on what’s being learned around the world regarding the use of cannabis as medicine.

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