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Hardly a week goes by without some new discovery hitting the news that changes our thinking about disease or changes the way doctors have been treating certain illnesses. The list never ends: Covid 19, SARS, MRSA, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, flu, pain management, medication costs, and more.

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Written specifically to accompany his book “Medical Cannabis: Myth, Miracle or Money Dump?” this blog, available exclusively to readers of his book, is written to keep readers current on research being done on cannabis as medicine and to provide further information about the use of medical cannabis as it develops. The blog is a great way for readers to keep abreast of what’s new in medical cannabis research, and it’s included free with the purchase of Dr. Sims’ book “Medical Cannabis: Myth, Miracle or Money Dump? A Workbook Guide to Personal Use of Medical Marijuana.”

Up Close & Personal

This is a blog of personal memories, ideas, and wisdom – thoughts I’d like to pass along, much like postings on Facebook or Twitter. This blog will be very personal, an avenue, if you will, where I can express my feelings about living life to the fullest while inviting readers to comment along with me. My hope is that readers will share with me their thoughts about topics I bring up in this blog – ideas about writing, traveling, sharing happiness and accepting sadness – and in doing so, we can all enjoy life a little better.

Under Extreme Circumstances

Based upon his life experiences as told in his book “On Call in the Arctic” Dr. Sims writes a blog in the popular online publication “Psychology Today” in which he posts inspirational messages on thriving and surviving when life throws a curveball and people are left with nothing but their instincts to show them what path to follow.

Thus far he has posted with the following titles:

“Under Extreme Circumstances”
“How We Survived Work and Isolation in the Arctic”
“Let’s Unplug the Christmas Machine”
“How to Persevere for Success Like We Did in the Arctic”
“How Experience Turns into Instinct”
“The Extreme Circumstance of Losing a Loved One”
“I’m Grieving Over the Loss of a Friend, or Am I?
“Hope in the Face of Uncertainty”
“A Pill for Social Pain – Really?”

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