“ Facing Life’s Extreme Circumstances and Coming Out a Winner”

We all have them; times when life throws us a curveball and we don’t know what to do

Based upon his bestselling memoir “On Call in the Arctic: A Doctor’s Pursuit of Life, Love and Miracles in the Alaskan Frontier”, this fifty-minute inspirational  presentation is a multi-media, beautifully crafted crowd pleaser that grabs audiences by their heart-strings and doesn’t let go until the last slide is shown.

Filled with pictures, humor, and emotional readings from his book, this presentation gives advice on how anyone can adapt and survive when life presents them with extreme circumstances, and they are left with only their instincts to find a proper path to follow.

This heart-warming, motivational presentation is suitable for medium to large groups, church gatherings, senior organizations, community-based service clubs and organizations, businesses and large corporations, hospitals, doctor and nurse organizations, hospice organizations, university and graduate schools and school graduation ceremonies  – virtually any organization whose members would benefit from an uplifting story in which challenges are met and lessons learned when life places one in extreme circumstances and they are expected to adapt and succeed far beyond their level of training or experience.

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“Medical Cannabis: Myth, Miracle or Money Dump?”

One cannot look at a newspaper, magazine, billboard, or social media platform
these days without reading something about the miracle of cannabis and its
ability to treat all kinds of illness.

But is it real?

Does cannabis really help all the conditions many people believe it does or is it simply the ‘snake oil’ of the 21st century?

Can cannabis honestly give hope to people when conventional medicine has failed them – or is it a place where people waste money buying unproven products because they are desperate for help when nothing else has seemed to work?

Dr. Thomas Sims has worked for years educating and managing over 6,000 people using medical cannabis successfully and has an expertise in the use of cannabis as medicine. In this presentation he provides honest, science-based answers to these and other questions people interested in marijuana as medicine need to know.

Dr. Sims’ first-hand experience and knowledge in cannabis research is shared in this easy to understand presentation that is suitable for marijuana dispensary employees and customers, medical and nursing schools and organizations interested in top shelf knowledge about the field they can pass on to their patients, groups such as church gatherings, community-based service clubs and organizations, businesses and large corporations – virtually any organization whose members have questions about medical marijuana.

This is NOT a discussion to convince people to use medical marijuana. Rather, it focuses on the principle that if a person chooses to use medical cannabis, they use it safely and properly to increase the potential of obtaining the treatment goals they seek.

Copies of Dr. Sims book will be available at the presentation.

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“My Pathway to Traditional Publishing”

Statistics show that literary agents receive approximately 2,000 submissions every year, but they are likely
to accept only 2-3 writers from all those inquiries. That makes the chances of getting a literary agent about 1 in 1000.

As if that’s not bad enough, other stats show that, in any given year, even if you’ve been fortunate enough to land the
agent of your dreams, the chance of your agent actually selling your book to a reputable publisher is about 10% or even less.

So, is it worth the effort? Are you confused over what to do?

Don’t fret. There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

If writing is your passion and you want to share your words, your name, and your voice with the world, you bet it’s worth it. And you can increase your chances of making that happen if you know a few tricks!

Dr. Thomas Sims has been traditionally published twice. His last book, a memoir that deals with his life and work in Arctic Alaska, was sold to Pegasus Books (NY & London) in a matter of weeks and has gone on to become a #1 Bestseller on Amazon and audio book.

Tom’s memoir “On Call in the Arctic” has been promoted in print and on national TV, NPR, and at the world-famous Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. Tom has a New York literary agent and his work is currently being considered for Hollywood.

Dr. Sims’ success didn’t happen because of luck. It took time and effort, planning, and an understanding of the new publishing industry and how it all works – tips he is pleased to share in this presentation.

This presentation is suitable for writer’s conferences, writer’s guilds, and medium to large writing organizations in which members seek information and advice on how to become a published author.

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It’s Your Story. Tell it with GUSTO!

Memoir writing takes talent and skill. Let two award winnings memoir authors – Dr. Thomas Sims and Tucker Axum – share with you their wisdom and advice

Dr. Thomas Sims’ memoir “On Call in the Arctic” sold to a New York publisher in less than a month and his book has gone on to become an #1 Amazon Bestseller and winner of a prestigious Nautilus Book Award. Featured nationally on TV, radio, NPR (National Public Radio), magazines and newspapers along with speaking engagements at colleges, community service organizations, churches, book clubs and bookstores around the country the book is now in Hollywood being considered for a motion picture

Tucker Axum is a New York Times bestselling author who wrote the international thriller Cajun Justice with the world's #1 bestselling writer, James Patterson. After an expedition to Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, Tucker wrote his first historical fiction novel, The Reawakening of Mage Axum, which was inspired by the disappearance of his uncle, an American World War II soldier. Tucker is a license multi-engine pilot whose adventures and misadventures have been nationally publisher. Tucker’s published works are available here.

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